Barbara Kingsolver

Who is Barbara Kingsolver? Barbara is a poet, novelist and essayist. She was born in the rural parts of Kentucky, she has lived all over the globe. From Kentucky the France! Now she lives in Virginia. One of Barbara Kingsolver’s writings is named “Called Out.” Called Out is about nature. She isn’t only a author, she earned degrees in biology as well. She describes things so vividly and just flat out amazing. The only thing is, I would not really be the type of person the read her writings. She may be good at what she does but I do not want to read about of bunch of plants and just overall boring things to talk or read. Do any of you know what figurative language, connotative language, and technical writing is? Figurative writing is basically where you draw the reads attention and compare something to make it be seen more visual to you, to better understand something. Kingsolver did an amazing job of using this. She would compare things to really just get into your mind and give you a visual look at things. For example she told about how the fields as “wearing brocade.” What is connotative writing? Showing how you feel with words, to basically prompt an emotional response. Technical writing is not knowing what some things mean.


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