Syrian War

Based on the information presented in this video, who is to blame for the Syrian war? Why do you believe so? **This question could not possibly be answered adequately in less than a couple of paragraphs.


After watching the video about the war in Syria, I believe that the one that has caused the war is Assad. Some people might see as if the rebels were the ones that caused the war but I feel like they didn’t do so. I feel that they should get a voice on what is happening where they live instead of just what the leader wants , gets.


The other participants in the war didn’t do anything but choose their sides and support them. Maybe if they didn’t support the sides the war would’ve ended earlier but they didn’t cause it. If anything, the only added onto the chaos of the war.


Is “VOX” just another propaganda machine that is explaining things from one side? Again, explain your answer with complete sentences and sufficient evidence.


I do not believe that this video is one sided. It shown the sides of each person and how they felt about it. It shown all sides and basically let you decide which one you agree with. This is not just a one sided video. It tells all opinions and facts about the situations that have happened in Syria.


Do your own research by writing out one fact from this video and verifying that fact through at least two other credible sources. Write a short paragraph on your findings and list your sources in APA format.


Who caused the Syrian war?


“The first shots of Syrian’s war are fired, in March of 2011,by Syrain dictator Bashar Al-Assad.”


“Bashar al-Assad: Cause of Syrian Civil War Is ISIS & Western Propaganda, Intervention.”


From reading the article and the quote, it seems like the dictator, Assad caused the war. The citizens were only defending themselves and what they believe in. Maybe if they wouldn’t have kept going and more people joining, it wouldn’t have been as much of a big deal. I feel overall Assad caused the war though.


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