Interviewing My Grandma

Hello I interviewed my grandma for the assignment. I asked her about how the Civil War effect of her life. I didn’t just ask about this but I asked about her marriage and how having kids affected her marriage. Unfortunately she wasn’t here to actually talk with me in the interview but I did get text messages of where she told me about how it affected her and everything else. I asked my grandma about how the civil rights movement affected her life about her marriage and about her kids. I asked things like how her kids affected her marriage and was it hard to take care of them.

I asked about the civil rights movement because it was a major thing that happened in time and it really just affected my day and age if it wouldn’t have happened then a lot of racial stuff would still be going on and blacks, whites, hispanics and all races wouldn’t be together in America. My grandma mainly talked about how it really took a toll on her life and showing her the true colors of a lot of people it has taught her how everybody should be treated equal. She also said how she thought it was stupid that everybody over reacted and really seen that just because a different color of skin means that they shouldn’t be with us and thought it was terrible how people did that. I personally really agree with her I feel like she makes a strong point and I feel like this is just a hundred percent right nobody should be separated and be treated bad or poorly because of what happened just because they were born into they can’t control it no one can control and they were just born into it.

I asked about her marriage too. I thought this was a good thing to ask about because I mean if if she wouldn’t have been married to him and had kids with them then I wouldn’t be here. When I asked about her marriage I asked her about how it affected her life when she was younger and how she just felt about him and all the good times they had together plus the bad. I asked about when she got married and she said that she got married at 22 but she said that it may have been young but she felt like it was the right choice she was happy with the person she was with and she didn’t want to lose them. They were together until the day that he passed away they were together until she was in her sixties which was incredible. She told me about how one time she got called and told her that he was in the hospital because he got hit by a car when he was on his motorcycle. She said that she was super worried but eventually he had been able to get out of the hospital and eventually everything got back to normal and she was really happy about how he wasn’t seriously hurt.

Another thing that I asked about if having her kids was difficult it was easy just how it was. She said sometimes it was difficult but she felt like it was definitely worth it to be able to see her kids really whenever they got older and how many good times she had with him when they was little and she said that it made her marriage a lot stronger and she was happy about that she felt like she can really trust the person that she was with, with everything. I asked this for a big reason because I mean I’m eventually going to have a family of my own. A family that I had and I’ve made and I just wanted this as a reference of how it’s going to be and if it’s going to be difficult and how it’ll be.

My grandma may not have been able to talk with me during the interview but I’m actually glad that I asked her about this just for something to look back on and remind me of how she really was and who she was. Sorry about my grandma not being able to talk to me during the interview. This is definitely something that I’ll keep saved on my computer to go back on and look at. I hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for taking the time to read this.

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